The French Occupation Trilogy

The French Occupation Trilogy: The Woman on the Train, The White Venus and The Sixth Man.

The Sixth Man

What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done? Would you ADMIT it if your life depended on it?

Six Frenchmen are in a Nazi prison: a doctor, a postman, a policeman, a soldier, a teacher and a priest.

Tomorrow, five of the six prisoners will be executed. They have until dawn to decide which one of them should be allowed to live.

“Rupert Colley’s striking and uncommon six stories in ‘The Sixth Man’ are so remarkable in their originality; you will be intrigued and spellbound by this engrossing novel. Colley is a master storyteller, and his character-driven tales will stay in your memory for a long, long time.”

“A beautiful and touching story. The six men’s tales will leave the reader breathless and the ending will leave you with goose bumps.”

“A real page turner. I was reading at every opportunity. A fantastic tale with an unexpected twist at the end.”

The Woman on the Train

Someone saves your life. How far will you go to repay the debt?

A woman on a train saves a nervous young Frenchmen from the clutches of the Gestapo. 26 years later, the young man is now the most successful conductor in France. It is then, at the height of his fame, he receives a letter from the woman on the train, begging him to come to her aid. Honour-bound, he gladly offers to return the favour.

But when he realises precisely what repaying his debt entails, he faces a dilemma that threatens to ruin his career. Torn between those he loves and his sense of honour, his life rapidly spirals out of control.

”Why haven’t I heard of this author before? This is a little jewel box of a book.”

“The central premise is intriguing, the writing is crisp, and the story unfolds at pace. Read it in an evening.”

“Short, sharp and wonderful. Couldn’t put it down. Mysterious and wonderfully written!!”

The White Venus

When the ties of loyalty are severed, whom do you trust?

World War Two. France falls to the invading Germans. To their dismay, 16-year-old Pierre and his parents are forced to accommodate a German major. He is the enemy within their midst; the invader of their country, and, more pertinently, the unwanted lodger within their home.

The problem, however, is that the German is annoyingly pleasant. The major, with a son of his own, empathises with Pierre in a way Pierre’s father has never been able to. Immediately the two of them find a bond, leaving Pierre confused and his understanding of good and bad, of black and white, shattered.

”Colley draws his characters with fine lines, illustrating both the brutality and compassion shown by individuals on both sides of this war.”

“Told with great poignancy. Loved the characters and their involvement in the story.”

“This is a book with difference.”

Historical fiction with heart and drama.