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I was born one Christmas Day, which means, as a child, I lost out on presents. Nonetheless, looking back on it, I lived a childhood with a “silver spoon in my mouth” – brought up in a rambling manor house in the beautiful Devon countryside.

It’s been downhill ever since.

I was a librarian for a long time, a noble profession. Then I started a series called History In An Hour which I sold, along with my soul, to HarperCollins UK.

I now live in London with my wife, two children and dog (a fluffy cockapoo) and write historical fiction, mainly 20th century war and misery.

Historical fiction with heart.

Contact me via here or via email to rupert@historyinanhour.com, or you can join my newsletter (and claim my novel This Time Tomorrow for free) for the occasional update.

Read my ‘WHAT BOOK’ feature in the Daily Mail.

And here’s me in the mid-1980s…

c1984 detail









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