My Brother the Enemy

Also available as part of the Tyranny Trilogy boxed set.

Fear on the streets. Death on every corner. But the real enemy is the brother at his side.

A short, heart-wrenching historical novella on a large canvas from the founder of History In An Hour.

My Brother the Enemy is a story of jealousy, sibling rivalry and betrayal, and a desperate bid for freedom, set against a backdrop of Nazi oppression and war.

1936 – Exiled by the Nazi regime for their father’s beliefs, Peter’s love for his brother is slowly eroded as Martin proves himself to be ruthless and manipulative. When Monika comes into their young lives, their mutual jealousies heighten and threaten to tear them apart.

1941 – A childhood accident saves Peter from active service. His brother, posted to the killing fields of the Eastern Front, isn’t so lucky.

1945 – Berlin is torn apart by Allied bombs. Amid the carnage and death that descends over the city, Martin returns from Russia – battered and embittered. The twins’ seething bitterness and their shared love for Monika finally explodes with devastating consequences.

Available as an ebook and paperback.


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“Turbulent historical setting? Check. Vivid descriptions? Check. Realistic and likeable central character? Check. Page-turning excitement? Check. Heart-stopping denouement? Check. Passion, heroism, betrayal? Check, check, and check.”

“This book not only grabs your mind, but grips your heart and won’t let go! Grab the tissue box and hold on.”

“Could hardly stand to put it down but at the same time I didn’t want to finish it! Would recommend to all.”

“This is a fantastic first novel from an already established and excellent, non-fiction history author The characters were fully formed and utterly believable.”

“The characters are well drawn and the ending is especially clever.”

“A short but compelling historical novella.”

“This is a superbly written and acutely observed book, with well-rounded characters and convincing dialogue (which) certainly packs a considerable punch.”

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